Hard Cider Kit – just add your favorite apple cider!


All you need to do is buy a gallon of your favorite apple cider and you’re on your way to a crisp, fall beverage!

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Apple cider is not just a sweet drink for September and October! Buy our kit – including yeast, an airlock, stopper, and instructions – and you’ll be able to brew your very own hard cider. Simply buy a plastic jug of apple cider from your favorite orchard, follow the instructions, and enjoy. No need for extra equipment. As with our beer kits, the process can be as simple or complex as you make it. Note, unlike our beer kits, the hard cider takes a bit longer to ferment (~2 months versus 2 weeks) and gets better with age. Want it a little sweeter? Try adding some fresh, local honey. Keep in mind that hard cider is no longer that extremely sweet drink. Most of that sugar is converted to alcohol, leaving a dry, crisp beverage to enjoy all winter long.
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