BeerBox Kit – Portable Homebrew Dispenser

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The most innovative solution to home brewing in decades!

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The BeerBox™ is a 2.75 Gallon Container which is 9.625” high, 6.5” wide and 15.9” long and made of sturdy food grade HDPE plastic (much thicker than a PET soda bottle and dark enough that there is no light permeation, either). The front panel allows for a 4”x4” label for your brew which can be easily viewed. The BeerBox™ fits in a standard refrigerator making storing your home brew easier than ever. The portability of your home brew is simple – just grab it by its ergonomically designed handle go out the door with the hose tap adaptor and tap, you can pour fresh home brew from inside a cooler with ease. The standard BeerBox™ kit can only be shipped via ground transportation due to the CO2 cartridges contained within.  Therefore, it can only be sent to the contiguous US. (For international orders, please select the “international BeerBox kit.) Features of the BeerBox® include:
  • Portable & Ergonomically-designed
  • Compact, easily fits in most standard refrigerators and coolers
  • A BeerBox™ kit holds your entire 5 gallon batch
  • Flat front with space for 4”x4” label
  • Beer dispensed with a 16oz CO2 cartridge
  • CO2 injector & cartridge fit inside the profile of the BeerBox®
  • Feet act as sediment traps
  • Fill opening is 1.5” for easy cleaning
  • Outside threaded pour spout to accommodate a picnic tap adap
  • Made of brown food grade HDPE plastic and designed to withst
  • 15 PSI
  • 2.75 Gallon Container (9.625” high, 6.5” wide and 15.9” long)
Standard BeerBox® Kit for a 5 Gallon Batch of Home Brew:
  • 5 Gallon Batch of Home Brew
  • Two-2.75 gallon BeerBox®
  • One-CO2 injector
  • Five-CO2 (16 gram) cartridges
  • One-Hose Tap Adaptor with Hose & Tap
  • PLUS – 2 coasters & 2 stickers!
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