7 Bridges Organic Belgian Dubbel Easy Brew


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This is the recipe that just scored top honors in the 2010 National Organic Brewing Challenge. Anne Gregg from Florida brewed the Easy-Brew kit and scored 40 points, the highest score of this competition in 2010.If you are a fan of Belgian syle beers, our Belgian Dubbel kit will be a new favorite. This is a strong, malty ale with a rich, complex flavor and a hint of nuttiness. Medium amber color and mildly hopped. Contains organic malt extract, organic specialty malts, organic cane sugar, organic hops, organic bottling sugar, Irish Moss, recipe, and instructions. Produces an original gravity of approximately 1.066. IBU’s: 28. Recommended yeast for this kit (Not included! Order separately): Wyeast #1214 Belgian Abbey or #3787 Belgian Trappist, White Labs #500 Trappist, #530 Abbey, or #550 Belgian Ale. Choose the yeast that best suits your fermentation temperature range and taste.***NOTE: If you choose the option to purchase the kit without DME or corn sugar for bottling you will need to supply your own bottling sugar (corn sugar, DME, etc.). You may not need bottling sugar if you plan to keg your beer.
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Weight15 lbs
Bottling Sugar

Include DME for Bottling (Standard), Include Organic Corn Sugar for Bottling, Ship Without Bottling Sugar

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